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The Role of Parents in Shaping a Child´s Future Essay...

I. My Question The topic I intend to research is the role of parents in shaping a child’s future. This paper will examine the idea of nature vs. nurture and relationships between parents and children in the play Romeo and Juliet and the modern world. I decided upon researching this topic because I find it fascinating that both personality characteristics and social and ideological beliefs are passed from parent to children, whether genetically, or simply the manner in which the child is raised. Those traits (and current parental influence) then determine who the child is, will be, and what decisions they will make in the future. I will express my opinion on the situation and explain the research I found. II. My Search Process I began my†¦show more content†¦He could not control it and as a result died in a clash with Romeo. The reason Tybalt had such problems with aggressive behavior was that he had likely observed it as a child and begun to imitate it. Albert Bandura proved his social learning theory (that aggression is learnt through imitation and observation) in 1961 when he completed a study called the Bobo doll experiment (McLeod, Bobo Doll Experiment). In this study he arranged for 24 boys and girls to watch a male or female model behaving aggressively towards a toy called a Bobo doll. The adults attacked the Bobo doll in a distinct manner - they used a hammer in some cases, and in others threw the doll in the air and used verbally hostile language. Another 24 children were exposed to a non-aggressive model and the final 24 children were used as a control group and not exposed to any model at all. In conclusion, the children who observed the aggressive models made far more aggressive res ponses than those who were in the non-aggressive or control groups. The findings supported his behaviorist theory: that children learn social behavior such as aggression through observation and through watching the behavior of another person. For that reason, the aggressive behavior habits Tybalt learned from his parents (assumed from his parents/family as they were involved in a violent feud with the Capulet family) directly affected his life, and they are indirectly responsible for hisShow MoreRelatedThe, Nature Or Nurture? Essay1402 Words   |  6 Pagessuperior that is admirable and a good example to look up to. Many kids follow their parent’s behavior and become somewhat alike to their mom or dad. Friends also play a big role when it comes to personality development and finding out who They really are or who they would like to become. In fact, friends play one of the most extreme roles because kids want to be like their friends. Children want to fit in with their p eers, they do this by repeating the same phrases, wearing the same styles, and listeningRead MoreThe Main Stakeholders Of Childhood Vaccination1543 Words   |  7 Pagesabout the major and key stakeholders. These major stakeholders, those influencing and shaping the debate are; Government and Legislators (Policy Makers), Parents, NGO’s and Lobby Groups. We can also find some least influential stakeholders which do not have as such influence on this issue but they are the one who are most â€Å"affected by† group in term of the issue is concerned. These are New-Parents/Future Parents and Children. In this part, we will try to find out the perspective of major stakeholdersRead MoreThe Impact Of Early Childhood Education On Child Development1298 Words   |  6 PagesImpact of Early Childhood Education on Child Development Over the past century, the role of education has greatly increased in areas all over Canada. It has grown in not just in the number of students attending, but also in the ways it has been offered. Before the 1960’s, the education of children consisted solely of parenting done at home (Molnar, 2002, p. 2). Over time, due to the growing importance of education, schools have slowly begun to target younger and younger generations. As a resultRead MoreIs Sexuality Shaped By Other Social Factors?1628 Words   |  7 PagesPlease insert your essay here. Please specify which essay question you are addressing How is sexuality shaped by other social factors? Sexuality does not develop within a vacuum separate to society or politics. All social factors play a role in shaping one another and sexuality is no different. Here sexuality can be loosely defined as a person’s capacity for sexual feelings, sexual identity or preferences and their sexual activity. Secondly, ‘disability’ can be defined loosely as: ‘a physicalRead MoreAdopted Children Have the Right to Know the Identities of Their Birth Parents757 Words   |  4 Pagesthem up for adoption for one reason or another. This reason usually plays an important role in determining whether the biological parent(s) want their identities known by the child. Although the reason may be fundamental to the parents in shaping whether they choose yes or no, its value should not take precedence over the fact that adopted children have the right to know the identities of their birth parents. Many practical reasons play a part in this argument, one of which is the knowledge ofRead MoreThe Signs And Symptoms Of Psychological Abuse1113 Words   |  5 Pagesverbally assaulting, terrorizing, and neglecting. Ignoring the child would include not being present to respond to a child and not calling the child by name. Rejection would consist denying the needs of a child and/or refusing to have physical contact such as holding the child. Isolating the child would be refusing to allow the child to socially interact with people and limiting the child’s ability to move around. Corrupting the child would be when someone teaches encourages/forces them to performRead MoreFamily Structure Of A Child s Life973 Words   |  4 Pagesplays a role in education, the environment, health, physical appearance, lifestyle, and most important mental health/growth. Kid’s behavioral ways are mirrored by their home practices. Generally, I feel that some people are selfish when making the decision to birth, let alone raise a child. Becoming a parent is not a decision that should be made in the moment; vision your future. As a society, we have the knowledge, therefor it is our duty to protect our kids because they are the future. We haveRead MoreFamily Interview : Wendy Lankford944 Words   |  4 Pagesthough a mutual acquaintance, the Lankford s opened their home and their hearts to my brother and eventually welcomed him into their family through an informal adoption. Since being adopted, he has made remarkable positive strides in his emotional development, self efficacy, and outlook for his own future. The Lankford s have given him the type of stable and nurturing home life, supportive role modeling, and loving family atmosphere that we as (future) educators hope all children and youths haveRead MoreThe Socialization Of Children : Factors Influencing The Attitudes And Ideas Of Their Children1450 Words   |  6 PagesParent’s role in influencing the attitudes and ideas of their children is substantial in their development. This influence will aid in their children’s development by instilling certain values and characteristics that are similar to their parents. However, do parents ultimately dominate in shaping the political views of their children? Like other values such as sharing and responsibility, is politics passed along in the same way? In this paper, I will answer the following questions: What role does socializationRead MoreEssay about Freud Suggest Religion is an Illusion671 Words   |  3 Pagesapproach to religion. Countless times Freud referred to his own psychological ideas of development including the transition of a child to an adult development. Freud heeds, a successful transition of developing from a child to a functioning adult in â€Å"reality† is necessary otherwise it leads to anxiety. This level of anxiety stems from â€Å"instinctual prohibitions† shaping into a state repression, caused by religion. Freud mentions, â€Å"This is because so many instinctual demands which will later be unserviceable

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