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Staark Accessories Essay Example for Free

Staark Accessories Essay SALES DISTRIBUTION A fashion line is designed and created a year in advance according to season specific, so it will hit the shop floor at least 2 months before the next season comes around. When you’re still rocking denim shorts and having summer days at the park, the shop elves are busy implementing the new fall collection. It’s true that each Brand has its own style of working, different sales and distribution strategy; Staark Accessories Pvt ltd (Licensee of Spykar) follows certain strategies too. Before proceeding let us introduce you to Staark Accessories Pvt ltd. It is a Licensee of Spykar (a well known brand in India) for Personal care products and own innovative brands like Scoops (Pocket Perfumes) and are still in the process of launching comprehensive range of Personal Care products. The range will cover entire olfactory spectrum to suit all moods types of the individual through our multi brand strategy. Our endeavor is to become India’s pioneer to launch entire gamut at one go obviously become an indigenous leader in the field Present Scenario: The Staark accessories are currently present in 8 States – Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu Kashmir; Andhra Pradesh Karnataka (South India). Staark Accessories are in the market with the products like Scoops (Pocket Perfumes – 8 variants), Deodorants (Spykar Brand – 2 females, 2 Gas Free, 7 Male); 4 Perfumes. Working Style: In each state, a universal work flow is being maintained (as shown below): Super Stockiest (Advance Business 100%) Distributors Retailers (Staark Team) Retail network are built by the Staark team. The team builds the order and passes it on to the Distributors and then to the Super Stores. Road Map: * Number of Additional State openings in FY 13-14: 10 State openings * Number of Product Launching in FY 13-14: Face Wash; Soap; Mid-Price Perfume for Spykar Staark Accessories, Scoop- Travel Kit; Mid Size Perfume * PAN INDIA presence in FY 14-15 * New Products FY 14-15 : Mobile Cleaner; Deo Drops; Hair Gel; Shaving Cream; Shaving Gel / Foam; Wet Tissue Additional Revenue for Business (FY 14-15): Besides model of Staark Accessories would evolve through the planned verticals listed below: * Spykar License Spykar has given the license given to Staark Accessories Pvt Ltd to manufacture distribute Spykar personal care products- PAN India. Current Product Range Perfumeries Deodorants New Launches: Soap, Face Wash, Hair Gels, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, Wet Wipes, Body Talc * Staark Branded products Innovation product – Scoops in FY 13-14 Current Product Range Perfumes (Scoops) New Launch: Hair Gels, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, Soap, Face Wash, Mobile Cleaner, Deo Drops, Body Talc * Sales Network spanning the country Currently present in 8 states with robust and qualified sales personnel. In addition to this, procedures are in progress to cover Pan INDIA by FY 14-15. * Corporate Sales Today corporate selling has become a phenomenon practice in business where an organization gifts another organization to strengthen the relationship between the two entities. Corporate sales can be described as a large order or sale that occurs between two large companies. It involves sale of products and services to a large sector of entities. It is different from the normal sales which targets individuals. Corporate sales help to release the companies’ stocks. Staark accessories shall have a different team looking after selling the products to boost sales by performing bulk orders for following products under the Brand name SPYKAR. The products that can be sold as Combo gift sets / corporate gifting are Deodorants, Belts, Wallets, T shirts, Jackets, Perfumes, Socks, Eye-Wears, Foot-Wears and Jeans. * Licensing more brands After acquiring the licensee of Spykar and successful achieving the desired target, the credibility to license other brands shall enhance (for personal care products) * CSD Canteens The Canteen Stores Department (CSD) is owned by Government of India Enterprises under Indian Ministry of Defense. The department procures consumer goods and consumer-durable products in bulk directly from suppliers and positions them at 33 Area Depots (acting as whole sale depots), spread all over the country, for meeting the requirements of over 3500 URCs which function as retail outlets. Many of the URCs are located in remote/inaccessible parts of the country. Extending hands in this area would be an additional benefit for the brand. * E Sales Staark accessories can differentiate the business by creating a personalized shopping experience for each customer – delivering relevant content and offers and dynamically changing the experience to suit an individual customer’s context. Thus this will also increase sales opportunities and lifetime value of online customers through delivering a relevant online experience, turning browsers into buyers, delighting customers and building brand loyalty. * Modern Trade Modern trade as opposed to traditional retail shops refers to a full range of sale methods based on marketing techniques. For instance in self-service shops you have no more sales attendants behind a counter; now the customer can touch the articles. The more expensive goods will be ready at hand whereas youll have to bend to reach well with fewer added values for the store. A few articles will be offered at rock bottom prices with much publicity in order to attract as many customers as possible. The display of goods is very important and needs an elaborate know-how Here we are looking at big / Mega stores like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Big Bazaar, Hyper city, etc where we can perform in bulk Intra-Structure Media Planning In FY 13-14, Electronic media support, print media support Social network Once present in Pan India in FY 14-15, we plan to form Mother Deports (CNF) and divide our manufacturing units in 4 major states – Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka and Kolkata to cover the entire Pan India.

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The Life of Daniel Defoe Essay -- English Literature Authors Daniel De

The Life of Daniel Defoe Daniel Defoe was easily one of the most influential and accomplished English author/writer of all time. Not only is Daniel Defoe considered as the founder of the English novel along with Samuel Richardson, but he was also a critical figure in European journalism and political commentary. Defoe has produced as much as 200 works of non fiction and 2,000 short essays in various periodical publications. In addition to over half a dozen full length novels such as Robinson Crusoe, a tale of a shipwrecked sailor stranded on a remote island. Defoe has done more than anyone else in his lifetime; he was a merchant, business owner, soldier, editor, journalist, and writer. Much of his life he was oppressed because of his religion, beliefs, and political and social ideals, because of his opposition to the church and state he was jailed and imprisoned many times. Defoe's writing reflected the fast growth of the English Middle class with new business opportunities in 1600-1700. Daniel Foe was born in London sometime in 1660 to an English butcher and candle merchant James Foe. He later changed his surname to Defoe, probably to return to his old foreign family name. His father was a Dissenter, a Presbyterian protestant who was not a part of the established Anglican Church. Defoe's mother died when he was 10, and his father sent him to boarding school. At the time Dissenters could not attend Cambridge and Oxford universities(unless they take an oath to the Church of England), in fact at the time Dissenters were prosecuted slightly by the Catholic who were the majority of the country. Dissenters had to send their children to dissenting academies. At the age of 14 Defoe went to attend a dissentin... ...and economic surroundings effected human nature. His novels are important in history because they mark an important break from traditional long poems and dramas. Defoe created reality of what we are reading by presenting realistic details and conditions. Defoe's complex lifestyle contributed to his understanding of people and the world. Annotated Bibliography "Daniel Defoe @ Catharton" . Biography of Daniel Defoe expressing his involvement with religion and politics. Books and Writers Online. . Biography of Daniel Defoe quoting and describing the work that he has published and produced. With a list of work along with dates. Daniel 'The True-Born Englishman' Defoe - Incomptech . Summery of important events in life of Daniel Defoe. His imprisonment and struggle by the Catholic church. "Daniel Defoe" World Book Encyclopedia. 234. 1992.

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Compare the ways in which the closing of each text presents the ideas of justice and retribution in The Wife of Bath and Volpone Essay

In Jonson’s ‘Volpone’ and Chaucer’s ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’, both justice and retribution are an important feature throughout the texts as whole but especially so at the end of the texts. In each of the texts it is presented in a variety of different ways. In both texts the presentation of justice is very much dependant on the society in which the text is set and when the text is written. The two texts are both set and written in highly patriarchal societies and this is apparent in the texts themselves. In the ‘Wife of Bath’s Tale’ the person punishing the knight of his crime, is the queen. She does not punish him to death straight away as would have been the norm for a rape at this time (capital punishment was not seen as harsh or morally wrong in Chaucerian times and would not have been in the Arthurian times in which the tale is set), but instead gives him a chance of freedom, going against the societal norms, suggesting that maybe justice is not necessarily dependant on the society but the individual crime and prosecution. This could be a comment from Chaucer on how he feels about women in power, and considering the fact he is a male author writing for a male audience this would have been preferable to the views at the time. However the fact a woman has an opportunity to do this contradicts this. Differing from Chaucer, and in fact, his himself and his other plays Jonson, punishes the criminals in his play. This could be for comic effect as the as the punishments are ironic presentations of the crime or it could be the fact that around the time the play was published Jonson was implicated in the gun powder plot and it could be his conformation to the law and abiding by it. Both texts are set away from the place in which the audience is, whether by time or place.’Volpone’ is set in Venice, a town, at the time of writing, well known for being corrupt and ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’ is set in Arthurian England, allowing the authors of the texts license to portray the message they wish to their audience without having the text set to close to home. Both Jonson and Chaucer also have a heavy use of ironic justice in the ending of their texts. Jonson’s ‘Volpone’ implements this in the punishments/endings he gives his the characters, for example, through the entirety of the play, Celia is constantly concerned with how she is  objectified and how value is placed upon her, and after the trial, her marriage is ended and her dowry tripled, completely contradicting the view she has of herself. This example is linked with the patriarchal society as previously mentioned as at this time a woman was property of her father and then when she got married, property of her husband. Similarly the rest of the players in ‘Volpone’ are punished according to their crimes, Mosca’s status as a servant is reinforced, Corvino is publicly humiliated, like he threatened to with Celia and Corbaccio’s estates are given to his son Bonario despite Corbaccio’s wish to disinherit him throughout the entire p lay. Chaucer presents a slightly different type of ironic justice however, as the knight who is being charged is actually let off by the official courts as he manages to tell the queen what women want. However he is forced to marry the old hag whom told him the answer as he made a promise to her that he would. The knight himself says ‘ Allas,and weilaway! I woot right wel that swich was my biheste. For Goddes love, as chese a new request’. This is a use of hyperbole, emphasising the fact he does not wish to marry someone who is not of his choosing. This can be seen as ironic justice as he raped a maiden, taking away her choice, and now his own choice is being taken away. Saying this, by the end of the poem, the hag he is forced to marry turns into a beautiful woman, essentially negating his punishment and justifies his crime rather than punishing him and getting retribution for his victim. This is however, the woman’s choice, but it is possible that this is because she is given power, in the tale, which is what women want most, shown in the knights trial when he says ‘ â€Å"my lige lady, generally,† quod he, â€Å"wommen desiren to have sovereynet ee ,As wel over his housbond as hir love, And for too been in maistrie hym above†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢, this can be seen as the knight once again over powering , although this time with what he has learnt rather than physical force, and getting what he wants , another way justice is not served Another way in which justice is distributed in the texts is the idea of justice and punishments due to the status of the ‘criminal’. This is shown in ‘Volpone’ when Mosca is punished for trying to over step his mark as a servant and elevate himself into the upper classes, by being punished forced to serve for the rest of his life. This is also mirrored slightly earlier in  the play, also with Mosca, as when the ‘Avvocato’ think Mosca is of high class they are more than happy to allow him to go free and even offer their daughters hand in marriage to him, whereas just moments later when he is revealed to be a servant he is grouped with the rest of the criminals, suggesting corruption in the justice system, which links back with the fact that it is set in Venice, which money is a vital part of. Similarly in the ‘Wife of Bath’ the knight’s status is used against him but in a slightly different way. In this case, his knighthood is called into question by his wife, the hag ,as he is not following the knightly code by ignoring her whilst in bed. ‘Taak fyr, and ber it in the derkeste hous Bitwix this and the mount of kaukasous, And lat men shette the dores and go thenne; Yet wole the fyr as faire lye and brenne As twenty thousand men myghte it biholde; His office natureel ay wol it holde, Up peril of my lyf, til that it dye.’ The use of the metaphor of the fire is the knights wife saying a fire will always behave like a fire, in any situation and he is expected to do the same. Both plays also have a justice system largely based on the punishment of ego and emotions rather than physical pain. The Knight is forced to be with someone that if he is seen in public with he will be judged and mocked and many of the crimes in Volpone are fitting of the crimes. However the rape in the tale is not put forward by the victim but instead is punished by society who takes responsibility for the nameless victim, whereas in Volpone this is not the case. Overall justice and retribution are not really portrayed as things that are set in stone or that should be followed exactly; instead in both texts the punishments are somewhat lax for the crimes that are committed. It is clear that in each text that a comment is being made on the justice system of the time, and although both texts are set away from their writing place, obvious, especially with the heavy use of irony. Also there is a lot of hyperbole in both texts adding to the fact that the authors a commenting on the imperfections in the justice systems.

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Communication and Family Issues - 6081 Words

Communication in marriage Research: Communication In Families Communication is a vital part of everyday life. Without communication we would not be allowed to express feelings, needs or even wants. Communication is more complicated than just speaking to one another. Some families suffer from the lack of communication and it is most important to keep a good communication flow through families. Effective communication is an important characteristic of strong, healthy families. Family communication is the way verbal and non-verbal information is exchanged between family members (Epstein et al.,1993). Communication involves the ability to pay attention to what others are thinking and feeling. In other words, an important part of†¦show more content†¦When that happened to Betsy, she changed, too. Now Carl finds himself wondering what happened to the self-assured, strong woman he first fell in love with. He misses her. Carl doesnt realize it, but Betsy has always had an unusual need for attention and communication. Thats because she had a very stoic father whom she was never able to please. Its good to examine whether your need to talk is reasonable or the result of a troubled upbringing. Most couples need help to discuss their needs in a productive way. Having different attitudes toward talking doesnt mean there is something wrong with either spouse, that anyone was deceived, or that the marriage is hopeless. When Your Spouse Wont Talk Relating to each other is not a technique were born with. Its like a muscle that needs to be developed over time. by Romie Hurley Next Article in Series: †¢ Previous Article †¢ Next Article 1. Overview 2. When Your Spouse Wont Talk 3. When Your Spouse Wont Leave You Alone 4. Making Time to Talk 5. Talking About Sensitive Issues 6. Starting a Conversation 7. Communicating Without Talking 8. On Listening and Other Rare, Exotic Habits 9. Next Steps / Related Information Relating to each other is not a technique were born with. Its like a muscle that needs to be developed over time—and massaged when it hurts. If you have a spouse who doesnt want to talk as muchShow MoreRelatedCommunication Theory Paper969 Words   |  4 Pageshead: COMMUNICATION THEORY PAPER 2 Communication Theory Paper Name University of Phoenix Communication Theory Paper 2 Communication is an important part and concern in many organizations. With many organizations having such a diverse workforce communicating has an impact on how well employees, patient and family members interact together. Many communication issues arise due to the fact that there are many employees from different cultures and different genders. These issues haveRead MoreThe Family Of A Family1319 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction A family is a group of two or more people that are related by blood, marriage (registered), adoption, step or fostering, and who usually live together in the same household. This includes newly-weds without children, gay partners, couples with dependants, single mums or dads with children, siblings living together, and many other variations (What is a family, 2013). A family consists of many variables that work together to form a system. The main functions of a family are to ensure thatRead MoreThe Family Of A Family1304 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction A family is a group of two or more people that are related by blood, marriage (registered), adoption, step or fostering, and who usually live together in the same household. This includes newly-weds without children, gay partners, couples with dependants, single mums or dads with children, siblings living together, and many other variations (What is a family, 2013). A family consists of many variables that work together to form a system. The main functions of a family are to ensure thatRead MoreUse Of An Autoethnography For My Research Method1425 Words   |  6 PagesI will observe how the lack of communication about available resources within the community negatively impacted my family, and how it impacts other families in the Mid-South. I will be making evaluative and reformist claims, as I will be evaluating the value of the communications available about resources, as well as providing information about how the lack of communication of available resources has had not only a neg ative impact on my family, but on other families who have been affected by drugRead MoreMy Interview With Cultural Competence Essay1185 Words   |  5 Pageshas no economic factors or concerns and is a democrat. Communication Next topic interviewed with Diego was communication. Communication is considered the language spoke, voice, accent, volume, and tone to one another. Along with all nonverbal aspects of communication (Purnell, 2002). Language barriers may prevent patients from understanding medical treatment and advice received from providers (Hoeffling Monroy, 2015). Communication between one another is very important in the success of medicalRead MoreDirect And Indirect Verbal Communication1682 Words   |  7 PagesVerbal Communication The family shows both direct and indirect verbal communication. The direct communication is seen more often, as they are usually speaking face to face or to one another on the phone. It is rare that they will say something to one family member that is actually intended for another. When this does happen however, indirect communication can be seen. The indirect communication happens within the family when one member is upset about something that another member has done orRead MoreModern Family Therapy : Gregory Bateson s Work With Communication Therapy Essay1191 Words   |  5 Pages Modern family therapy was seeded by Gregory Bateson’s work with communication therapy. The Bateson Project members were particularly interested in communications systems. The application of cybernetics to communication, and the framework of general systems theory led his group to essentially begin family therapy. Communication was (and is) an easily detected gauge of interpersonal relationshi ps; communication is relayed in all interpersonal transactions. It is, however, not always verbal. FurthermoreRead MoreThe Importance Of Communication As An Aspect Of Partnership Within Current Nursing Care1624 Words   |  7 Pagesdiscuss the importance of communication as an aspect of partnership within current nursing care. As stated by Brooks and Heath (1985, as cited in Bramhall, 2014), communication is â€Å"a process during which information is shared through the exchange of verbal or non-verbal messages† (p 53). Maintaining communication between the nurse and the patient regarding treatments and emotions contributes to improved patient-centred care. The communication between the nurse and their family is equally as importantRead MoreCommunication Problems in Family Business1269 Words   |  6 Pages Communication Problems in the Family Business Abstract For family businesses, effective communication is an even more integral factor for successful business operations due to the peculiarity that personal (family) emotions frequently interfere with business decisions. Family businesses often have to struggle with conflicts among members of the organization, low managerial abilities, interfered daily business activities, and customer relationships that suffer from the lack of structureRead MoreMy Family As An Integral Part Of Daily Living818 Words   |  4 PagesMy family created meaning in the world they lived through spiritual means. For my family, purpose in life is based chiefly on spiritual affiliations and religious interactions in the church among Christians. That is to say, for my family, spirituality and faith in God are what gave purpose to life. Principles and practices of faith were an integral part of daily living. Life has a purpose when one serves God by doing His will. Principles included loving others, being kind, helpi ng those in need,