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Staark Accessories Essay Example for Free

Staark Accessories Essay SALES DISTRIBUTION A fashion line is designed and created a year in advance according to season specific, so it will hit the shop floor at least 2 months before the next season comes around. When you’re still rocking denim shorts and having summer days at the park, the shop elves are busy implementing the new fall collection. It’s true that each Brand has its own style of working, different sales and distribution strategy; Staark Accessories Pvt ltd (Licensee of Spykar) follows certain strategies too. Before proceeding let us introduce you to Staark Accessories Pvt ltd. It is a Licensee of Spykar (a well known brand in India) for Personal care products and own innovative brands like Scoops (Pocket Perfumes) and are still in the process of launching comprehensive range of Personal Care products. The range will cover entire olfactory spectrum to suit all moods types of the individual through our multi brand strategy. Our endeavor is to become India’s pioneer to launch entire gamut at one go obviously become an indigenous leader in the field Present Scenario: The Staark accessories are currently present in 8 States – Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu Kashmir; Andhra Pradesh Karnataka (South India). Staark Accessories are in the market with the products like Scoops (Pocket Perfumes – 8 variants), Deodorants (Spykar Brand – 2 females, 2 Gas Free, 7 Male); 4 Perfumes. Working Style: In each state, a universal work flow is being maintained (as shown below): Super Stockiest (Advance Business 100%) Distributors Retailers (Staark Team) Retail network are built by the Staark team. The team builds the order and passes it on to the Distributors and then to the Super Stores. Road Map: * Number of Additional State openings in FY 13-14: 10 State openings * Number of Product Launching in FY 13-14: Face Wash; Soap; Mid-Price Perfume for Spykar Staark Accessories, Scoop- Travel Kit; Mid Size Perfume * PAN INDIA presence in FY 14-15 * New Products FY 14-15 : Mobile Cleaner; Deo Drops; Hair Gel; Shaving Cream; Shaving Gel / Foam; Wet Tissue Additional Revenue for Business (FY 14-15): Besides model of Staark Accessories would evolve through the planned verticals listed below: * Spykar License Spykar has given the license given to Staark Accessories Pvt Ltd to manufacture distribute Spykar personal care products- PAN India. Current Product Range Perfumeries Deodorants New Launches: Soap, Face Wash, Hair Gels, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, Wet Wipes, Body Talc * Staark Branded products Innovation product – Scoops in FY 13-14 Current Product Range Perfumes (Scoops) New Launch: Hair Gels, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, Soap, Face Wash, Mobile Cleaner, Deo Drops, Body Talc * Sales Network spanning the country Currently present in 8 states with robust and qualified sales personnel. In addition to this, procedures are in progress to cover Pan INDIA by FY 14-15. * Corporate Sales Today corporate selling has become a phenomenon practice in business where an organization gifts another organization to strengthen the relationship between the two entities. Corporate sales can be described as a large order or sale that occurs between two large companies. It involves sale of products and services to a large sector of entities. It is different from the normal sales which targets individuals. Corporate sales help to release the companies’ stocks. Staark accessories shall have a different team looking after selling the products to boost sales by performing bulk orders for following products under the Brand name SPYKAR. The products that can be sold as Combo gift sets / corporate gifting are Deodorants, Belts, Wallets, T shirts, Jackets, Perfumes, Socks, Eye-Wears, Foot-Wears and Jeans. * Licensing more brands After acquiring the licensee of Spykar and successful achieving the desired target, the credibility to license other brands shall enhance (for personal care products) * CSD Canteens The Canteen Stores Department (CSD) is owned by Government of India Enterprises under Indian Ministry of Defense. The department procures consumer goods and consumer-durable products in bulk directly from suppliers and positions them at 33 Area Depots (acting as whole sale depots), spread all over the country, for meeting the requirements of over 3500 URCs which function as retail outlets. Many of the URCs are located in remote/inaccessible parts of the country. Extending hands in this area would be an additional benefit for the brand. * E Sales Staark accessories can differentiate the business by creating a personalized shopping experience for each customer – delivering relevant content and offers and dynamically changing the experience to suit an individual customer’s context. Thus this will also increase sales opportunities and lifetime value of online customers through delivering a relevant online experience, turning browsers into buyers, delighting customers and building brand loyalty. * Modern Trade Modern trade as opposed to traditional retail shops refers to a full range of sale methods based on marketing techniques. For instance in self-service shops you have no more sales attendants behind a counter; now the customer can touch the articles. The more expensive goods will be ready at hand whereas youll have to bend to reach well with fewer added values for the store. A few articles will be offered at rock bottom prices with much publicity in order to attract as many customers as possible. The display of goods is very important and needs an elaborate know-how Here we are looking at big / Mega stores like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Big Bazaar, Hyper city, etc where we can perform in bulk Intra-Structure Media Planning In FY 13-14, Electronic media support, print media support Social network Once present in Pan India in FY 14-15, we plan to form Mother Deports (CNF) and divide our manufacturing units in 4 major states – Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka and Kolkata to cover the entire Pan India.

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